Yes! Just like a store bought CD, my CDs are easily ripped to your computer and mp3 player.
Yes! The CDs I produce will play in you CD player, you computer, your car stereo, etc.
Absolutely, but you don't have to take my word for it! Send me an mp3 request (jay@svoundtrack.com) and I will email you back a sample. You can listen before you buy!
No, all CD transfers feature tracks that coincide with the tracks from the original album.
Yes I do! For a mere $15 per album (plus return shipping), I will be happy to transfer any music you already have in your collection onto compact disc. You can visit my website, www.svoundtrack.com, for more information, or you can also email me at jay@svoundtrack.com.
Unfortunately, an item featuring the "X ON HOLD" box is an item that is currently out of stock. If you would like, you can email me and let me know you are interested in the item and I will do my best to find another copy.
Yes, I am happy to ship all over the world. Please see the next FAQ question for shipping rates.
For Canada or Mexico, the shipping rates are as follows: CD/Cassette $4.50, Record $8.00. For the rest of the world, the shipping rates are as follows: CD/Cassette $6.00, Record $12.00.
Yes! For my U.S. customers, you can order up to five soundtracks for the same, flat shipping rate of $4.00. Six or more soundtracks ship for just $6.00, no matter how many you purchase! I also offer combined shipping for my international customers, but the rates vary by item and country. For more details please feel free to email me.
Buena Park, California
Unfortunately, no - I'm strictly an online vendor.